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Feel Safer with an Inspection

Prevent Costly Repairs Cause by Termite Damage

We’ll inspect your property to provide recommendations regarding preventative measures to take against future infestations. When you work with us, we go above limits to ensure you have information about your home’s current condition.

Get a Reliable Termite Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Termites are homeowners’ worth nightmare because they can damage a property’s structural integrity and pose a health risk. As soon as you notice signs of rotting stumps or other forms of decaying wood, turn to Silver Stone Home Inspections, LLC. We’re a termite inspection company that serves clients in and near San Antonio, TX. Our goal is to help keep your home safe from termites while also protecting the investment that you have made in it!

termite infested wood san antonio tx

Don’t Let Unwanted Guests Invade Your Property

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the U.S. They can destroy your home, and they do it slowly enough that you might not even realize what’s happening until it’s too late. That’s why getting an annual termite inspection for your home is so important. We have years of experience in the industry and know how to spot the most common signs of termite infestation. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to detect any recurring issues with your home’s foundation or structure early on so you can decide how best to proceed.

During our pest control inspections, we can identify:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Powder post beetles

Stop Termite Colonies From Increasing Today!

Ensure your home is protected from infestations by working with us! We offer home termite inspections in Antonio, TX. We go far beyond just looking for signs of damage or infestation. We also look for signs that termites may be trying to build their nests in your walls and floors. We’ll check any areas vulnerable to infestation, including crawl spaces and other areas where they might be able to enter your house without detection.

Ready to Discover Hidden Infestations?

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Our inspectors will determine how many termites are present on your property and what treatment is needed to get rid of them.